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Nursing School – Balanced Education In A Growing Field

Nursing School - Balanced Education In A Growing Field SS_BSN_Inline

There are also opportunities for younger nurses with 1/3 of the nursing workforce being over 50 years old, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration . In fact, employers in parts of the country report not having enough applicants to fill all of the nursing positions available. This is particularly true for hospitals in rural or inner-city areas looking for all four advanced practice registered nurses clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, nurse-midwives, and nurse practitioners. According to the BLS some hospitals may even offer signing bonuses, family-friendly work schedules, or subsidized training. Working in a Field Helping People Job availability and field growth are not the only reasons to pursue a nursing education giving back to the community and helping those in need can be the most rewarding aspects of this career. For a nurse, hands-on patient care goes beyond the science of medicine, to the healing powers of compassion and a human touch. Nurses are frequently on the front line of patient care, responding to patients needs, working with patient families, and coordinating day-to-day care. It can be a thankless job at times, but nurses are an integral part of modern healthcare, and patients, doctors, and administrators all appreciate the sacrifice, dedication, and care provided by nurses. Balanced Education Being a nursing student means learning theoretical components relevant to the healthcare industry, as well as the hands-on clinical practice necessary for working directly with patients and other healthcare professionals. This exposes students to the different skills necessary to perform as a professional and demands learning in different kinds of education environments, from the library to the lab, from books to bedsides. For students looking for a combination of classroom work and hands-on training, nursing school can provide the ideal educational environment. Nurses Can Work Anywhere Not only are nurses needed everywhere, but there are even travel nursing programs that allow nurses to explore different parts of the country, working for a few months in a location, before moving on to somewhere new. Areas that are particularly in need of nurses include inner-city locations as well as very rural areas, but with the travel nursing programs there is no limit to the regions that a trained nurse willing to travel can explore. Nursing at South University There are many institutions offering degrees in Nursing including many of the campus locations of South University.
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